FlexPerm Loan:

Designed for investors looking to purchase or refinance. This option allows them to remain in the loan for up to 30 years.

  • Loan Amount: $75k-$5MM
  • Term: 30- year fully amortized loan.
  • Credit Requirement: 650 Minimum Fico
  • Rates: 6.99%- 9.49%


ARV Pro Loan:

Designed for “Fix and Flip” Investors who are looking for a short term, Interest only loan to acquire and improve a property. 

  • Loan Amount: $75k-$1MM
  • Term: 1 year interest only
  • Credit Requirement: 650 Minimum Fico
  • Rates: 8.75%- 9.00%


Credit QuickFix Loan:

Designed for investors with credit issues seeking an interest only short term loan.

  • Loan Amount: $75k-$2MM
  • Term: 24 months interest only
  • Credit Requirement: No Minimum Fico
  • Rates: 8.75%-10.00%


Fast50 Loan:

Designed for investors that have credit issues but high equity seeking easy credit qualifications. 

  • Loan Amount: $75k-$5MM
  • Term: 30-year fully amortized loan.
  • Credit Requirement: 620 Minimum Fico
  • Rates: 6.49%- 9.24%


Larger Real Estate Deals:

Designed for Real Estate Projects of more than $5M .

  • You are only required to provide a Pitch Deck/Business Plan.
  • We work with a network of Venture Capitalist/private Investors.
  • You can get financing in the form of Loan or Equity stake.
  • Credit Score is not a Factor.